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Thinking of Selling? Now May Be the Time.

Thinking of Selling? Now May Be the Time. | Simplifying The MarketThe housing market has started off much stronger this year than it did last year. Lower mortgage interest rates have been a driving factor in that change. The average 30-year rate in 2019, according to Freddie Mac, was 3.94%. Today that rate is closer to 3.5%. The Census Bureau also just reported the highest homeownership […]

Entry-Level Homeowners Are in the Driver’s Seat

Entry-Level Homeowners Are in the Driver’s Seat | Simplifying The MarketOne thing helping homeowners right now is price appreciation, especially in the entry-level market. In the latest Home Price Insights report, CoreLogic reveals how home prices increased by 4% year-over-year and projects prices will rise 5.2% by December 2020. Why is this good news for the homeowners? When prices appreciate, homeowners gain equity. In addition, […]

The #1 Misconception in the Homebuying Process

The #1 Misconception in the Homebuying Process | Simplifying The MarketAfter over a year of moderating home prices, it appears home value appreciation is about to reaccelerate. Skylar Olsen, Director of Economic Research at Zillow, explained in a recent article:  “A year ago, a combination of a government shutdown, stock market slump and mortgage rate spike caused a long-anticipated inventory rise. That supposed boom turned […]

Boost your Bottom Line with a Real Estate Investment Property

Investing in real estate property can be a great way to generate cash flow and help you accumulate wealth.  The current market offers some potentially lucrative investment opportunities that may not be available in the near future. As a Agent, I keep track of all of the best real estate bargains in our area.  If you think that investing in real estate may be a viable option for you, I would be happy to guide you in finding a property that would provide a positive return on investment in the future.  Don’t wait until home prices climb higher — contact me today so we can discuss the possibilities available to you! Take care always, Marcia Tolin, REALTOR Get your quick home valuation here! CAL DRE #00941166 COLDWELL BANKER WEST 619.804.1820

Fix to Sell or Sell it to Flip?

These days we have all seen more than we want of “Flipped” homes.  Investors buy fixers to flip.  They typically buy them “As Is”, typically for all cash, no inspections and a quick close.  This is a good way to sell if you want a quick sale, are perhaps out of town, and it just doesn’t make sense to do any work.  Sometimes owners do not even clean out the home or property.  The downside is that you may be leaving money on the table.  There could be some minor things to fix to sell at a higher price. Selling a Fixer Your home may not quite be at the “sell it to flip” stage.  I love getting these listings!  Many home buyers are looking for homes they can fix.  They don’t want or can’t afford a “Flipped” home, and they are being squeezed out of the home buying market.  …

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Is It Time For Me To Sell My House And Take the Money & Run?

Many experts think the answer is YES!  With San Diego County home prices now exceeding the all-time high of the 2007 Bubble, and interest rates on the upswing, it may be the time to finally downsize.  Or, if you have been thinking about selling and relocating to be closer to family or retire this may be your best opportunity!  Here is what one local real estate market expert thinks: Lynn Reaser, Point Loma Nazarene University Low inventories have made housing a “seller’s market.” Prices may rise further, but this will also be an issue for sellers trying to buy a new home. The Federal Reserve desires to raise interest rates gradually, but mortgage rates could climb faster than expected. Alternatively, economic growth could suddenly slow. Property tax reassessments are an important consideration, but if an individual desires to move to a different home, now is a good time. Read more …

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